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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Our Two Weeks of February in PNG Adventure: "Good-bye, Friends!"

We are sitting at the airport waiting for our flight home.  We came early in order to also see off our 3 young PNG staff
Filling out immigration cards
who are leaving today as last on their way to Fiji.  (I don't think they can believe they are really on their way.)

Thank you for your participation in this adventure through your support and prayers.  We are so grateful for you!
Dan, Lillian, Diane, and Elton

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Our Two Weeks of February in PNG Adventure: "Countdown to Departure!"

To Do List:

Pay for the reserved tickets for our PNG staff to Fiji.  (Yes, our staff have the "all clear" from Fiji to fly there tomorrow, the same day we leave for Auckland.)

Take last things to the office and check the mouse trap.  (We found a trap at the store yesterday...It's like the roach motel kind of a thing.  The mouse checks in, but doesn't check out.)

Go to the bank for bank statements.  (We can't get this information for this particular account through the mail or online...only in person.)

Get a receipt for a truck hire that we've already paid.  

Write a thank you note to the wife of our taxi driver, Charlie.  (She sewed and gave me a PNG blouse and skirt!)

One more sleep...