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Monday, April 28, 2014

PNG Easter - Day 11 of 11 - Going home!

I returned home today - 8 hours from takeoff in Port Moresby to landing in Auckland (with short layover in Brisbane).  It was great to see Kaylynn & Laurie at the airport (at midnight)!

Students at UPNG in discipleship groups.

As I look over my time these last 11 days, I am very encouraged!  I believe that the students involved in our movement are serious and want to be taught how to disciple others.  The student leaders are stepping up and taking responsibility.  And our staff are walking by faith and trusting God for big things!  I am excited to see what God will be doing this year!  Thanks for helping to make this possible :-).

An "adventure" on the way to the airport: I spent the morning with Elton and Lillian during their training to find ministry partners and was waiting for Eva to pick me up to go to the airport.  I wanted to leave at about 11 am.  At 11:15 she said she was still stuck in the bank, so I decided to call Jack, the taxi driver who came to Christ on Saturday.  I couldn't get through to him so I called another taxi, but 10 minutes later, jack texted saying he could come now - so I called and cancelled my previous taxi and told him to come. 

Peter & Elton as I left

He came by around 11:45 in his boss's pickup truck (he didn't have his car) and we took off to the airport.  We were almost there when we're going slow past some construction when the driver yelled real loud, slammed on the brakes and jumped out.  I had no idea what was happening, but when I turned around, I noticed that my suitcase was missing (someone had taken out of the truck).  Well, for once I was glad that it was heavy (22 kg, 48 lb) because when the driver chased the guy down the street, the guy dropped it.  If the guy would have grabbed my carry on, he would have had my passport, my money and my computer :-(  We shouldn't have put them in the back.  The interesting thing about this was that it happened right outside a police station.  Anyway, I'm glad to have friends who drive taxis :-)

I spent the hour after I checked in with Eva at the cafe in the airport - a great visit and time for "final remarks".

Finally, here is a video that was made at the end of our 3-day Easter conference.  Thank you so much for praying for Papua New Guinea!

(sorry for the delay - it took me a while to get this to post)

Friday, April 25, 2014

PNG Easter - Day 10 (of 11) - Campus and Elton (Wednesday)

It's been a long, but rewarding 10 days... and my brain is sagging a bit :-/

Today I got caught up on a lot of things, including having our semiannual board meeting.  During the meeting, I gave an update on the ministry and I greatly encouraged myself :-)  We have 54 students in discipleship groups, 9 of them groups led by students.  Student are taking charge and have a firm understanding that we are a movement, not a fellowship and that we focus on personal discipleship, not event & programs.

Diane & Naomi
I wrote this to the Australians who came to PNG in February:

  • The Pacific Propulsion team did so much for our students this year!  At Splash on Monday (their weekly meeting was re-named Splash in Feb), we had a sharing time about what they learned at the Easter Conference that we should apply to our movement at UPNG, and all 5 of the students who stood up were students who were with the Aussies in Feb – they know where they are headed and are taking the initiative on campus – they’re not waiting for the staff to do everything for them.  The movement as a whole is becoming a movement (as opposed to a fellowship) and focussing on personal discipleship instead of events.  
  • After Monday’s Splash, 5 young men came up (a group of 2 and a group of 3) saying that they wanted to join a discipleship group!  This is very exciting!  One student, Boaz (who likes to preach, and whom the Aussies found on campus in Feb) pointed 3 guys out to me who were walking along and he said, “they’re part of my ministry… but they’re doing addition, not multiplication!”  Anyway, we are eternally grateful for the Aussies that came and how God used them.  AND, we are very excited if God provides another team next Feb!!    I have NEVER seen Lillian (our only staff woman) be more confident and effervescent – she came alive when the Aussies were here in Feb and has not slowed down yet (though she is very tired)!
  • Thank you so much for ALL you’ve done for us!

Elton and his Dad
>>> Could you please pray for Elton our new staff guy?  He is learning how to find ministry partners and he is very excited about that, but he is starting to get family pressure against him going into ministry full time.  This is not very common (PNG nationals becoming missionaries), and it takes some a while to get used to the idea.   His father is supportive and came to the first day of our Easter Training Conference - he was in Elton's class learning how to be filled (empowered & directed) with the Spirit!
  • Elton said, "It's tough joining staff and a lot of family pressures coming, but I put them all to God who will take care of them".  He asked me to "pray for courage and perseverance, and that God will show his mysteries to my family".  


Sharing Christ on Ela Beach
Sharing my vision at the Easter Conference