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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

PNG Sept. Day 3: "Training"

Today I sat in the training that our 2 STINT (Short Term INTernationals) girls are running for 2 PNG staff, Lillian and Elton.    

To start today's training, Danika & Emily (you can see pictures of them in the previous post), had Elton at one desk make as many paper dogs as possible while blindfolded (and given no instructions).

Lillian, on the other hand, was not blindfolded and she had a book with word instructions and diagrams to show her how to make them.  The point was that if we want to do an excellent job (and not frustrate ourselves & others in the process), we need to have instruction that's easy to follow (training).  As you can imagine, Lillian's were very nice... but Elton's were actually very creative (and he made more). 

Sometimes, without training we can do very nice ministry - but if we want excellence, we need training - instructions, teaching, and modeling (MAWLing). 

Thanks for helping to make this ministry possible through your finances & prayers!

Monday, September 7, 2015

PNG Sept. Day 1: "Happy Birthday!"

I arrived in PNG on Sunday afternoon.  The Saturday was my birthday and I had a great party with the family on that night.  When I arrived in Port Moresby I was hoping to meet up with our staff, but no one was available - which I thought was a bit odd, but I did have lots to do.  Then I received this message from Elton: "Hi Dan, On Monday, I want you to be at the office by 10am sharp and not earlier than this.  That's when everyone arrives".  Now, I didn't know they used that word "sharp" in a time context here and I thought it strange that he said not earlier, but I didn't think much more about it.

On Monday, they wanted to know when I was arriving and I sent them texts as I got close because I wanted them to help me carry the 3 heavy bags I had for them.  And it was a great reunion in the parking lot and and we all walked to the office, but the girls slammed the door in my face before I got to it (Elton smiled kind of funny like).  Then they opened the door and the whole room was decorated.  I wondered at first what the occasion was, but then they all said "Happy Birthday!".  I was very surprised!  They took a picture of my surprised face and later compared it to photos of themselves that they had taken earlier with their facial expression predictions of what they thought I'd look like - very funny (see final picture below)!

They sat me down in a fancy chair (my "throne"), gave me a crown, a necklace, a sceptre (which I used to poke them for the next 2 days), and a PNG carry bag and 2 cans of Bu (like Red Bull).  It was great fun and I felt so appreciated.  

I'll be here 5 more days.

What a great team to work with!!!!