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Thursday, May 4, 2017

PNG May Visit - Days 3-4: "Success!"

Success in ministry is hard to measure.  There are so many intangible things, as well as circumstances that cause discouragement.  So much depends on simply walking with God with faith and joy...letting Him be my life. (Col. 3:4)

I wish encouragement was liquid in a bottle I could pour on our staff here.  With so many responsibilities and the red tape involved in getting anything done, the need is great. They are doing a wonderful job, and we are so thankful for them and are filled with admiration for what they've taken on...but in ministry, it's easy to be disheartened.  The evil one sees to that.  I want to protect our staff from that.

I guess this is an old and continual problem, because when Paul prayed for the churches, he frequently mentioned the need for encouragement.  Maybe that's why there always seems to be the temptation to give up and go back to something familiar...something the world can point to and say, "My, what a success that person is!"  I think that's why Peter went back to fishing after the crucifixion...until the resurrected Jesus had a little talk with him.

Following Paul's example, I guess prayer is a form of liquid encouragement.  One way of being successful myself is to keep praying for the hopeful hearts of our staff. (2 Thes. 2:16-17.)



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  1. Great words Mom! I think you're into something there. =)


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