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Sunday, May 7, 2017

PNG May Visit - Days 7-8: "From the Sublime to the Ridiculous!"

The other day we had lunch with an alumni to both the university and our ministry.  This young woman is on our board here in PNG and helps us out with her musical and teaching skills when needed.  We met for lunch right outside the high-rise building where she works for the Red Cross.  My-oh-my!  We discovered the NICE part of Port Moresby.  
The sign in the background!

The high-rise building was on the waterfront, surrounded by a security fence.  Withing the fence was another tall building and several trendy eating establishments.  (We didn't notice until we were already inside that there was a dress code.  Flip-flop footwear wasn't allowed.  Oops!

Contrasting with that was our day yesterday.  It was the day to sort through our storage room at George Puipui's old house and move everything we wanted to another facility.

One of rat's 3 babies on red plastic
The first box Dan and I peeked in, I saw a shadow running around...Eek, a rat!  I jumped back and let Dan take care of the situation.  He tipped the box to rid it of the rat, but the rat run right towards me and bumped into my foot!  (Pause for a shudder!)

Needless to say, it was a dirty, sweaty day.  On top of that, the truck we hired (and paid for) didn't arrive to pick up the saved boxes.  After several phone calls, we discovered the truck was broken and wasn't coming.  Elton eventually found us another truck, and we finally got home.  
After sorting, our student crew helped with loading

A very different dress code was required.


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  1. Yikes! Bless you guys for the dirty work you are willing to do! How cool that the students joined you to help out!


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