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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

PNG May Visit - Days 9-10: "Awkward Moments!"

Getting gifts ready to present

The new university year has begun and our party to introduce the first year students to Student Life was last night.

It was a wonderful time of songs, games, testimony, vision...and a devotional talk by me.  Usually I just share what I'm learning in my own "quiet time" with God, but I was having trouble making a talk out of it this time.  I was a little nervous, so my hands were sweating.  It was hot and humid, so the rest of me was sweating as well.  I was wearing a PNG top and slacks, both made out of non-absorbent fabric...therefore, it did no good to wipe my moist hands on my clothes.  I was a little worried about dropping the microphone!  However, since God answers prayer and can do wonderful things, the devotional went as well as it could.

Another awkward moment came at the end of the evening when students introduced themselves and we shook hands or hugged.  I saw one girl approach who either "high-fived" or hugged people around me.  When she got to me, I lifted my hand for a "high-five," while she leaned in for a hug.  I almost hit her face by accident...but danger was averted, and a successful hug was achieved!  

What amazes me about ministry is that although a million things could go wrong and everything could easily fall the midst of it all, God can work. He's the One who holds all things together and changes lives.  And...He can use even the awkward!


  1. Judging from Elton and Beautlyn's comments, the Alpha party was a HUGE success! Great job, Dan and Kaylynn. God is good!

  2. So true... God's always in charge and able to turn every situation into a worthwhile and valuable one.


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