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Friday, May 5, 2017

PNG May visit - Days 5-6: "Taxi!"

We've reached the half-way point of our visit.  We've met up with folks, had office times, campus time...and today we ran errands!  Anyone from Port Moresby knows that errand running should be an Olympic event.  It takes a lot out of a person.

Our friend and most treasured taxi driver hasn't been available this trip, so we've branched out to some new ones.  My favorite so far is a mild-mannered, careful driver (the most cautious driver I've experienced) who is middle-aged.  This man has a son who selected his ringtone for him... the sound of a police siren.  It starts out softly, then gets louder and louder.  Every time this man's phone would ring (and a taxi driver's phone rings pretty often), I'd look over my shoulder, thinking we were being pulled over! 

The man we had drive us around today took us to about 8 different places all over the city.  One time neither he nor we knew how to get to where we were going, but we got there in the end.  He was nice enough, but probably my favorite guy's polar opposite in the caution department.  It's the end of a long day...but we met up with and got an evaluation from our former staff girl, paid money at the Fiji High Commission to help clear a visa issue with one of our staff, picked up a donation for the Fiji student conference from the travel bureau, went back to the High Commissioners office to get our change from the fee we paid earlier (They didn't have it before.), drove to a church where we hired a truck for tomorrow (We're finally removing the rest of the ministry things stored in our former director's house, now that the family has sold it.), went to a stationery shop...then back to the church were we left something.  Finally we went to the bank. 

The day is done.  It feel like either crying or watching a movie on my computer.  I choose...MOVIE!

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