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Monday, January 2, 2017

Fiji Conference 2017 Day 2: "Unexpected delights!"

Today I attended my first apologetics class...and it was not what I was expecting. I had supposed I'd learn to argue with intellectuals...which I wasn't very keen on doing in the first place. The professor is taking a practical approach to the subject, and the heart of the subject isn't about winning arguments, but is about creating an opportunity in which the gospel can become the focus of the an environment of gentleness and respect.  I like that.

Another surprise was in glimpsing the children of the staff here.  My goodness.  I've done childcare with these kids who are now young men and women who tower over me!

I barely make it to Ilisoni's shoulder!

After class today, we were surprised to learn that the room in which we were staying had been upgraded (at no extra cost) to the bigger room across the hall, because we had a leaky toilet in our previous room.  It's like getting to fly business class when you've only paid for an economy seat on a plane!  Score!

Another delight is that we have arrived in Suva during a bumper crop of ripening mangoes.  They're literally falling off the trees around here.  It's like God is giving Suva a wonderful Happy New Year present of extra abundance!


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  1. Yum!! =D Hey, if you get some downtime, you should go see Moana in the theater there. That would be so fun!


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