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Monday, January 16, 2017

Fiji Conference 2017 Day 16: "Lights, Camera,...No Action!"

We went to the movies to see Moana.  Dan had seen it earlier, and he said I would love seeing it in Fiji because the audience responded to all the island jokes.  We went with the Roths and Mansfields, bought tickets, bought popcorn (a big bucket!), and settled in our seats.  We watched lots of ads on the screen (which were pretty entertaining, actually,) and ate most of the popcorn. Just as the movie was about to begin, the power went out.  The movie screen was black.  Some lights that must have been run by generator provided enough light to see.

An announcement was made after awhile that power was out throughout the downtown area and we could line up to get a coupon good for another movie within the month it we wanted to leave.  It was a little difficult to find out if they WANTED us to leave, or if they were being polite by offering an alternative...and we wondered if the movie would come on if the power came on in the next little while.  After sitting there for quite a while, a guy came in and said most of the crowd was gone and that it was a good time to get our coupon.  So... we figured we should leave.  Don Mansfield arranged for us to get our money back as we wouldn't be around much longer to cash in a coupon.  Oh well.  That's show biz...and life in the islands for you.

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