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Friday, January 6, 2017

Fiji Conference 2017 Days 5-6: "The Multiverse!"

I'm learning quite a bit of sciency stuff in my apologetics class...terms like "the goldilocks zone" for our place in the galaxy, and the fact that the big bang is generally embraced by the scientific community now...which says that our universe is not infinite, but has a beginning.  The question of what caused that beginning is a real problem for the materialist, or atheist.  They have come up with the theory that we're really part of a multiverse, and that another universe did something to cause the "big bang" that started everything for us.

I couldn't believe my ears...The multiverse...the term I worked so hard to remember from the movie Dr. Strange!  I think, because it was mentioned in a movie, that the term will be used by average people soon...not just the science community (or the sci-fi community.)  I have learned through my class that the multiverse theory is meta-physical...something that can be imagined, but not proven.  The atheist might have to exercise faith after all.  I hope he chooses God to put his faith in to explain who caused the "big bang" of creating something out of nothing.
We're not in the photo, but it's our class!

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