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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Fiji Conference 2017 Day 7: "A Day in Town!"

It's Saturday!  No classes!  Time to shop!

We went to town today to go to the Pure Fiji outlet and the flea market.  It's a small world here in Suva, and we ran into Diane (from PNG) and her mom, who flew out to Fiji with Diane and is staying with her during our 2 weeks of theology classes.  What fun to see them!  (Diane looks just like her mom, by the way!)

view from pizza place
After shopping we went to a pizza place on the 4th floor of a department store.  It was so good to get somewhere air-conditioned...It's been a sweaty one today.  From our window we could see a rain cloud dumping down not too far away, but it just seemed to be a humid mist where we were.
View from pizza place
Then, our big treat of the day...we went to a movie.  It costs $7 here in Fijian money, and in New Zealand the price of an adult ticket is $18.50 NZD.  (That's $27 in Fijian dollars!) We saw the movie Passengers, and I was so caught up in the story that I let out a shriek at one point.  (It was a little, soft shriek. Good thing it wasn't 3D or my shriek may have been louder.)  What a wonderful break!

We returned home after picking up a few groceries, to find out that we needed to move back to our original room.  They said the toilet was fixed in the first room we had and someone else wanted the bigger room we were in now.  Sigh.  Easy come, easy go.  

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