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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Fiji Conference 2017 Day 8: "The DreamTeam!"

After a restful Sunday afternoon, we got the PNG team together for dinner and a chat...about their Christmas, their thoughts on the students back home, their needs for the future, and what the top priority is for prayer.

It was good to catch up with these precious folks.  We also invited Rose from the Solomon Islands to be a part of our group tonight.  (She came to Fiji for our theology classes and staff conference.)  Rose graduated last year (she studied in Fiji) and is working off her bond with the Solomon Island government who paid for her tuition.  She has 2 more years of working off her bond, then she wants to come on staff with us.  Tonight we gave her names of Solomon Island students who graduated from the PNG university because when she goes home she's interested in them all getting together.  We also found out that she attends the church we did when we lived in the Solomon Islands...therefore we know some of the same people.  It's a small world! 

We heard about Lily's trip to another Fijian island for Christmas and New Year's (with disciple of hers who invited her home for the holidays,) and Dianne taking her mother shopping around Suva, and Elton getting a provisional driver's license in Fiji, then going to Papua New Guinea, showing them his Fijian license, and receiving a full license from them!  (Look out world, Elton's coming through!) 

It's a nice feeling to be together again!
Dianne and Rose, with a good-lookin' couple


  1. Y'all are looking good! Thanks for the updates!

  2. Y'all are looking good! Thanks for the updates!


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