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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Fiji Conference 2017 Days 9-11: "I Know A Guy!"

I am not what I would describe as an intellectual.  I feel too practical to be mincing words with people that like to hear themselves talk.  Therefore, I wasn't too excited by taking this apologetics class...fearing that's all the class would be.  However, after being in this class, I see that not only is it reassuring to learn that science doesn't contradict religion, but that there are definite truths that can encourage a Christian and help remove roadblocks from someone seeking to find God.

Probably of equal value to learning some of these things personally, is knowing what resources are available, and of people that have the smarts and the patience to deal with the "intellectual" crowd.  Today I saw a video clip of William Lane Craig, who spoke to an Oxford audience quite simply (as in I could understand what he was talking about) and convincingly.  The atheist who was suppose to debate with him didn't show up, so he responded to hard questions from the moderator. I'm quite interested in ordering one of the books he wrote because I think his arguments and approach are quite worthwhile.  The professor will give us a thumb drive upon finishing his course. On it will be, among other things, several different video clips he has used for class, including the one we saw today.  Yay!
"The gathering of wise men."  Fellow classmates with prof. Ray Albrektson

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